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Blue candles are scented Blueberry Pie, green are Apple Spice, pink are Cotton Candy, purple are Mulberry Pie, black and white are Vanilla Short Bread.

About Pirate Candles

Pirate Candles opened in North Hollywood California 1992 out of a two bedroom apartment in a complex known as Club California where life was one big party. Each candle is hand poured and painted by world renown candle artist and custom mold maker Brent David Schroeder. Brent was the candle maker for Sony Pictures, working on many movie sets and TV series like “Tales from the Crypt” and “Tales from the Dark-side”. All candles are made from the highest quality of wax and the scents are created of all nature ingredients, especially made for this type of candle. Each candle contains a quartz crystal inside along with a instruction card on how to clean it to get the maximum effect of the crystal once you burn the candle and remove it carefully. 


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Sexy Skulls




Pink Floyd




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